October 2011

End of Houseboating Season


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Still Water


Warmed to 78 Degrees Today

 Put on                     Took Off
Shorts and                     Long     
T-Shirt                    Underwear



Turkey Buzzards Drying Out From Morning Fog



Early September                  Late October


Replacing Alternator in Run-About


Nov 1 - Back in Business With Run-About!


Bald Eagle


Getting Run-About Ready for Winter

    Wash     Wax On   Wax Off

Anti Freeze

Cover Trailer


Getting Houseboat Ready for Winter

        Wash             Wax On     Wax Off


Top Furniture to Front Deck

Canvas Cover Down
(126 plastic Ties Off in Fall and On in Spring)

Liquids in Containers & Stored Below Deck

Clean Bathrooms

Cover Bar, Table and Grill

Discourage Otters

Clorox Into Fresh Water Tanks

Let Air Circulate Under Mattresses

Water Into Batteries

Clean & Defrost