June 2007
Abby, Emily, Geoffrey and Alex
Dale Hollow Trip

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18 June

Switcheroo in Wash., Pa. and Drive to Dayton

Longaberger Basket Headquarters

Swimming at the Leisure Center

Butterfly Friend

Magic  Tricks

Making Cookies

19 June

Swimming at the Rec Center

20 June

"On the Road Again"

Bedtime on the Houseboat

21 - 27 June

Our Cove

A Spin in the Dinghy


Back Flip


Jumping Off the Top

Water Skiing


Cleaning Fish


Cactus Flower

Campfire and Sparklers

Goofing Around


Skipping Stones

Hanging Out

Feeding/Chasing Ducks

Finding Geodes


28  June - 01 July

Back in Dayton